The Worst Advice I Ever Got

The worst advice I ever got when I started my business was:
“Just tell your prospective client that you can do it, then come back and figure out how you’re going to deliver! You can always hire someone or ask someone who’s done it and they’ll show you how.”
I can’t tell you how much grief that caused me in my personal and business life.

Has anyone given you this advice?

It stunted my personal development, stifled my creativity, made it hard to get up in the morning, created a fog around my life and kept my business at the same size for years….

But one day, after listening to a podcast featuring Dane Maxwell…

I realized there are two ways I could build a business:

1. Approach a prospect asking: “What problems do you have?”, listening, then saying: “Yup, I can solve all those for you” Then coming back to the office then trying to figure out how I’m going to solve all those problems

2. Approach a prospect and ask: “Do you have XYZ problem?” If they respond, “Yes,” then I say I can solve that problem because that is what I specialize in. I’ve solved that problem 100 times and I know can solve it for you. If they say “No, we have ABC problem” then I say: “I don’t solve that problem, but I can connect you with someone that does.”

I’d been doing Option 1 for years…and I was mis-er-ab-le.

The moment I started doing Option 2, my life started to blossom with creativity, focus, energy and passion.

By focusing on ONE problem and providing immense value in that one area, I get to meet awesome people every day…

I get to work with some incredible clients…

I receive emails and PMs from folks thanking me for providing value…

I can honestly say that my life is better than it’s EVER been.

It also doesn’t hurt to have awesome mentors to help (Travis Sago!).

So, I just gotta ask:

Are you trying to solve everyone’s problems?

Do you sometimes feel (like I did), that you’re running up a DOWN escalator?

Sure, you can make it up, but why would you do that?????!

Why not switch sides and walk down the DOWN escalator?

You’ll make twice as much progress with HALF the effort.

On your side