Why SaaS Founders Shouldn’t Worry About Traffic

When I meet with a SaaS Founder and they tell me their biggest challenge is getting traffic…

Most of the time I find out (after a little digging) it’s not a TRAFFIC problem at all…

It’s a FOCUS problem.

Traffic is an EFFECT of not having a clear idea of:

  1. Who your ideal customer is
  2. Their unique pains and how you solve them

Once you decide to focus on ONE customer profile… your messaging, your offer, emails, copy and ads all get a clear focus.

Having multiple customer profiles and trying to sell to each one using the same strategy is like trying to hit five different targets at the same time, with one arrow.

You end up hitting nothing AND wasting a lot of time and arrows.

Fortunately, there’s an easy (but sometimes painful) way of solving this problem:

1. Pick a Niche

If you don’t have a niche yet, look at your current paying customers and identify the ones that have seen the most results and are happy paying you.

If you have zero customers and a fully built SaaS product, you are still in research mode. Have conversations with people who you think you could solve a problem for in different verticals. Don’t sell anything. Ask what pains they have surrounding the problem you solve and see if there’s a fit.

2. Focus Your Energy

Once you’ve picked a niche (note: picking a niche doesn’t mean going “small”) focus all your energies on that niche. Your website, landing pages, onboarding process, Facebook ads and cold emails should focus on the pains of that market.

It’s easy to market once you know WHO you’re going after.

3. Pick ONE Media Channel and Focus on It

Trying Facebook for a month and saying Facebook doesn’t work, is like going to the gym for a month and saying the gym doesn’t work.

By focusing on one channel, you’ll get to the point where you start to see small breakthroughs, then bigger breakthroughs, then growth.

P.S. – If your customers aren’t on Facebook, don’t advertise on Facebook!

Pick the medium where they spend their time and get great at it.

Master it.

4. Test, Tweak and Repeat

The truth is, your first set of ads are going to suck. So will your landing page. But that’s OK. Keep testing and tweaking.

Eventually, you’ll find the recipe that works for you. That’s when you can scale.

That’s when you can put in $1 and get $2 out, again and again.

Don’t (and I say this with love) fall into the trap of trying to solve everyone’s problems. If you’re selling a CRM, DON’T go after anyone that needs to manage leads.

Not only will you waste your time, money and energy, you’ll wake up each morning feeling lost, without any direction or clarity on how to grow and scale.

The moment you decide to focus on ONE niche and ONE traffic source and COMMIT to both, you’ll see huge breakthroughs.