Where’s your focus?

The reason we don’t get what we want is because, far too often, we are focused on the wrong thing.

A lot of folks want more money, so they focus on every which way they can get more money…

Shady business deals, taking advantage of others and even breaking the law.

Other folks want more happiness, so they focus on what they think will make them the most happy…

Sometimes this means buying more stuff (going into massive debt in some cases), earning more money…

Or using marriage to solve their unhappiness.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve thought: “If I just had THIS then I would be happy,” or “As soon as THIS happens I’ll finally be happy.”

Without understanding how gardening works, one might think that the more you focus on the TREE, by:

Cleaning the leaves so they are nice and shiny…Removing those pesky birds from the branches…Picking off the dead bark…Shielding the tree from the harsh rays of the sun…

That you’ll end up with a nice, healthy tree!

Those might SEEM like good ideas…but any gardener will tell ya’ these are totally bonkers.

Maybe you’re one of the very few who already has everything they want?

If so, awesome!

But for the rest of us…

Maybe the reason you haven’t gotten what you really want is because you’re focused on the wrong thing?

I’ve found that the less I focus on being HAPPY and the more I focus on using my strengths to create and spending time serving others..

Happiness seems to find me.

I’ve found that for me, the less I focus on making money and more on providing value…money seemed to start flowing into my life.

It might be worth it to ask:

How many other feelings, experiences and blessings am I missing out on because I’m focused on the wrong things?