Turning an “OK” SaaS Product into a “I Gotta Have This Now!” Product

I wanted to share this with you before I forgot!

I’m working with a client right now and we’ve taken his SaaS product, which was actually pretty good, and we turned it into an incredible gotta-have-it SaaS product.

I’m going to show you how we did that.

His product is a mix between an education product and a SaaS product. He has educational trainings that he pushes out, but he also has a monthly reoccurring product, so they kind of go hand in hand.

The problem he found is that sometimes people wanted just the educational product, and other times someone wanted just the monthly product.

You see, originally they were mixed together.

Clients weren’t super clear on what exactly they were getting.

We went into all of his product reviews, his forums, and all the review sites we could find about his product, and I picked out the ones that really praised his product.

And then I picked out the ones that were kind of critical of his product.

There were reviews that said things like, “I bought the product, but this is what I felt like was missing, etc”.

This is a great strategy for finding out what the customers want from you and your product. What’s better than going directly to the source, after all?

We didn’t have to GUESS at what we needed to change. We knew what needed to change.

So, we made a list of everything he could possibly offer in his SaaS product.

But we didn’t change anything.

There wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong with his product, so we looked at what he could add to it to help his customers get the result better and faster.

We discovered a few things.

One, is that people really wanted to watch him do the strategies on video, as they were all written down.

They’re the kind of strategies where you kind of have to see someone do it, so it made sense that his customers requested it.

So, we added that to the list.

We also put down that he had a lot of education, but it wasn’t clearly organized for a customer.

We took his current trainings and created packages based on an outcome that someone would want.

So instead of “Here are 70 videos to watch!”, we created package bundles.

“Are you looking to do ABC? Watch this bundle.”

“Are you looking to do XYZ? Watch this bundle.”

All we did is reposition and move things around, and it made a HUGE difference for the customers.

 We made a list of a bunch of other things like a Facebook community, a monthly Q&A so you can ask him questions about his strategies, things like that. We didn’t put everything in the offer, but we put it a large majority in.

Now we’re in the process of launching it!

We don’t have a lot of statistics yet, but I’m excited to see how it goes I’ll keep you posted on what happens when we launch it.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you how you can take a “good” product and by adding, tweaking, or reorganizing parts of it, you can really increase its value.

Good luck! If you have any questions or comments just drop me a line at [email protected].