What if your trial to paid conversion increased by just 5%?

This just a test

What would it mean for you and your SaaS if your trial to paid conversion increased by just 5%?

I know 5% doesn’t seem like a lot…

But let’s say your current trial to paid conversion is 15%.
With 100 signups a day, a customer value of $49/mo…that’s about $264k per year.

Not bad.


Let’s say you bumped up your conversions by just 5% … to 20%.
With 100 signups a day, a CV of $49/mo…that’s about $352k per year…

If my math is right…

That’s an extra $80k per year.

(I know, I’m leaving out the tax man and churn)

$80k isn’t a lot of money for some folks…

But what could an extra $80,000 mean for your SaaS?

Maybe you could pay a video firm to create a few dozen video tutorials for your support section?

Maybe it could mean paying a mentor to help you break through some walls that you’ve been hitting?

Maybe you could hire a new developer to implement those new features you’ve been putting?

Maybe invest in some Facebook marketing?’

For some, an extra $80k per year…

WITHOUT any risk, time or much effort from them or their team…
Could have a significant impact on their business.

I have an idea that is a little out of the ordinary….

I’d like to help two SaaS companies increase their trial to paid conversions by 5% (or more), and I’ll only get paid if I deliver results.

I’ll conduct all the interviews, research your market, write and send 13-15 emails you can pop into your follow up autoresponder of choice…

And If you don’t see an increase in conversions, you don’t pay a thing.

The only thing I ask is a small refundable deposit that will get returned if I can’t deliver….


Time for two calls with me.

You can sit back and focus on your product, and in 30 days have a fresh set of emails that will increase your conversions by 5% (or more).

This WON’T be a good fit for everyone…

But, if you:

– Get between 50-100 new signups per day
– Have a monthly customer value of $49 or higher
– Solve a specific problem for a specific market
– Aren’t hurting for cash
– Have an affiliate program setup or are willing to get one setup

And you’d like an extra $80,000 or more per year, without doing any work or paying high consulting fees that don’t promise results…
It might be worth a chat?

Click here to get in touch and let’s have a quick chat.