How To Convert More Free Trials Into Paying Users Using the Rule of Ones

The easiest way to turn more of your web traffic into free trials and free trials into paying users is to follow the Rule of ONE’s:

1) Pick ONE target audience, and solve the pains for THAT audience. Tailor your offer and your messaging to their unique set of pain points. When they visit your landing page, you want them to say: “Holy $%#@, they’re talking to ME!”


Example: “Higher Conversion. Less Struggle.” is not specific and it doesn’t speak to ONE target profile. It’s too broad. You could slap this on almost any website, and it would work.

Better example: “Helps Bootstrapped Startups Turn More Free Trials Into Paying Users.” Not the best, but at least it’s targeting a specific audience and speaks to a specific pain.

2) Pick ONE paid acquisition channel. Yup, don’t try ten different ones at the same time. Look at your current customer base, find out what source they came from, then focus on THAT channel until you master it.

Or, if you’re just starting out, find out where most of your target audience hangs out and focus there.

3) Pick ONE product. Do you have five different SaaS products you’re trying to sell? Focus on one. This might not be an issue for you, but I see some folks building five different SaaS products, running a marketing agency and selling cookies on the side. Hand over management of these other things to someone else, or cut them out entirely.

Now, you have focus.

When you have focus, things become clear.

When things become clear, you can see what needs to be done.

The path to massive growth comes into focus.

It’s easy to find a list of all the startups that have been around for less than a year (LinkedIn).

It’s not easy to find SMB’s in the U.S. (where would you even start? It’s too overwhelming!)

Life is easier when you focus on Facebook marketing and get REALLY good at it.

It’s a NIGHTMARE trying to get great at ten different paid acquisition channels.

Ya’ feel me?

With focus comes clarity.

With clarity comes massive growth.