The Resistance

The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel when we pursue it.” – Steven Pressman
There’s a reason there aren’t more Musks, Jobs, Bezos, and Gates in the world.
There’s a reason you and I struggle to do great, wonderful things.
It’s all because of one lil’ thing:
The Resistance.
No, I’m not talking about the fight between cyborgs and the last remaining human rebels (shout out to my Terminator fans out there!)
I’m talking about that unseen force that rears it’s ugly head whenever we try to do something of value…something that will make some SERIOUS waves in the world.
Have you ever felt this?
It’s OK. We all feel it.
If you’ve ever done ANYTHING of real value, anything that will stretch your soul and cause massive fulfillment in your life, you’ve felt The Resistance.
The Resistance isn’t a bad thing, it just “is”.
If you ever start to feel The Resistance, it’s a good sign that what you are doing is worthwhile…In fact, you can use it as a compass to let you know you are headed in the right direction.
The more Resistance, the more you need to do that thing.
Ever felt some outside force resisting you before you want to go to the gym? That’s The Resistance.
Do you ever feel a push back each time you have to make a cold call, send a cold email, have a sales call? Yup, that’s our friend Resistance.
Here are a few signs you’re feeling La Résistance:
– You find yourself procrastinating because you’re scared
– You’re gut tells you you should do it but you keep making excuses not to
– You have a deep LOVE and desire to create something but for some reason you just can’t get yourself to start it
Quick warning though – the Resistance shouldn’t be confused with your gut telling you you shouldn’t do something. That’s more of an “intuition” type feeling, that’s not what I’m talking about….
The Resistance is the external force…the voice inside your head that says:
“But what if you fail?”
“What if no one likes it?”
“What if it doesn’t work out?”
“But what if you feel uncomfortable?”
“What if your friends laugh at you?”
(Quick side note – my inner voice has said ALL of these things, and more…)
The Resistance doesn’t go away.
In fact, it probably won’t get any easier.
(I get nervous EVERY time I speak in front of people).
What’s most important is understanding that The Resistance is there…
…that it exists…
…and that you don’t let it stop you from doing what you were meant to do.
The amateur believes that you have to OVERCOME fear to be successful.
You and I, the select few who understand this invisible force, understand that fear can never be overcome.
There is no such thing as a fearless entrepreneur.
To accomplish what we were put on this earth to do – to write that book, start that business, create that art, build and accomplish something worthwhile – we act DESPITE the fear, not once we’ve overcome it.
Funny thing is, once you get over that invisible wall…the fear…the resistance…it all starts to just sorta’ fade away.
And in its place you’ll feel peace, accomplishment and an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment…
I’m curious, what is something in your life that you’ve put off because of The Resistance?
If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear it. Maybe you’ll find that other people share that same dream? Or maybe you’ll find some support that you didn’t know was there?