Why Do People Sign Up for My SaaS and Never Come Back?

“Why do people sign up for my SaaS and never come back?”

I’ve heard this question a lot from other SaaS.
Users spend the time and effort to find, sign up and create a login, then never come back.


It’s almost as if there is a SaaS black hole somewhere sucking your users into it….
If this is something you’ve thought before, this little hack might be able to help.

There are a lot of factors that go into user retention, but many of the stem from:

1) Assuming your users already know your service can solve their pains
2) Not addressing the pains they have and how your service solves those pains

Most of the time these issues can be solved in the onboarding process.
But the typical onboarding sequence I’ve seen go something like this:
There’s the: “Hey, thanks for signing up” email, a “Here’s a tutorial on how to use our service” email and then a few “Your free trial is ending, better hurry!” emails to create a sense of urgency.

The problem with these emails is that they are mainly “product focused,” not “pain focused.”
By focusing more on how your product solves specific pains, you’ll see a dramatic increase in opens, engagements and conversion to paid users.
Let’s use a fake CRM SaaS as an example…

Instead of sending an email that says:
Subj: How to add your first lead to SweetCRM!
You might try:
Subj: Never lose track of another lead again…here’s how.

This shifts the focus from “how to use this cool feature” to “here’s how this feature will solve a problem for you.”
Ya’ dig?

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