The one email phrase that could be costing you $1000s in lost revenue…


And it takes you just 10 seconds to replace…

This is probably the most used email phrase in the world of email,
but also the most ineffective:

“Just let me know if you have any questions”

or its cousin:

“Feel free to reach out if I can help in any way”.

Whenever I see this phrase, I honestly can’t think of one time where I responded.

The problem with this phrase (most of the time – there are some cases where it IS appropriate) is that it doesn’t ask your user to do something specific. It’s too open ended.

If you want your user to take a specific action, you need to make it very clear what that action is.

If you are sending out an email explaining a specific feature of your software, the call to action should be directly related to that feature.

If you are sending out an email in the hopes of getting some feedback, don’t hesitate to ASK for that feedback, and be direct!

When I help SaaS turn their lists of trial users into paid users, one of the FIRST things I do is identify the PAIN that the customer has and how the software can solve that pain.

By changing the focus from “features” to “solutions”, we can easily bring in another few hundred users…

So, instead of “Let me know if you have any questions”, try replacing it with:

“I noticed you haven’t logged in in a while, would you mind sending me a quick message why?”

“I’d like to learn more about your goals for this year and how I can help you achieve them. Click below to schedule a quick 15 minute chat with me.”

“Click here to setup this feature in your account now!”

“I’m curious, what is the main reason you haven’t signed up for a paid account yet?”

In each one of these cases, the call to action is clear, direct and easy for the user to understand what the next action to take is.

I think you’ll be surprised to see how much higher your engagement and response rate will be once you ask your users to take a specific, clear action.

Keep Hackin’,
Aaron Krall

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