Onboarding Swipe Files

Today I want to talk about this onboarding swipe file that I made for you.

This is about 22 emails that we've created, that you can steal for your own onboarding process. There's quite a few in here, and I can't go through every single email with you right now.

BUT I wanted to show you one that I think you're really going to like. I’ll explain how it works and then give you a link where you can download it for free!

This is probably the 15th email that comes in the sequence between 10 and 15. When we write onboarding emails, we follow the rule of Five Ones, or Four Ones, depending on who you talk to, or how I'm feeling for the day.

It looks like this:

  1.       Pick one specific pain point you sell
  2.       One call to action
  3.       Get them to make one specific action

The subject line, “Is Forecasting Future Revenue a Struggle?”

In this fictional product, Liquify, it's a CRM. When we did our research, we found that according to the customer,  one of the biggest pains about managing sales and all that is not being able to forecast future revenue.

We rank these in order of importance to the user, and we go through a few exercises to make it really clear that this is something that's important to the user.

Then when they get this email, instead of saying something like, “Do this!” or “Do this now and connect your blah blah to this other blah blah!”

Let’s be real. No one wants to connect their blah blahs. They just want it to be fixed. They have already tried to fix it, and it’s not working. Your job is not only to fix it for them, but to make it EASY to fix it.

We get them to raise their hand to “Is Forecasting Future Revenue a Struggle?” and then we deliver a promise.

For the second part, when you get an email, the first thing you're going to see is the subject line. Most emails have a preview of what the email contains.

Most of the time it says something like, “Hey <first name>”, and then the email starts. We like to put a little teaser in there with the promise that you're going to deliver in this email.

A good teaser for this email would be something like, “Always know your monthly revenue projections.”

It’s just a little trick to catch their eye and increase the likelihood of them opening it up and reading the rest of it.

Example email:

“Hey <first name>! Guessing is fun when you're playing Pictionary, but not when it comes to your sales. Before you can forecast your sales revenue, every month for the next 12, 24, or 36 months, you'll see which accounts will be paying and which salespeople are responsible for those deals.” 

Depending on who and what the client is, sometimes we'll add a GIF, to show really quickly within three seconds what revenue forecasting looks like. People like visuals. Visuals make it easy to connect with people, so use it to your advantage when you can.

Look at this gif.

<gif inserted>

You can see here that you have deals by team member, you have six months, and then you can see what the projected revenue is.

This is a gif, not an ad, so it’s only about 3 seconds long. The idea is to give the user a really clear “Aha!” moment and show them what their life could to be like with this tool in their hands.

You don't need to do a GIF, but remember that visuals can be an amazing tool if you can fit it in there.

Ok, so moving on to the rest of the email:

“You'll not only be able to keep track of sales in the amount of sales each month, but how much you'll be making each month from your monthly clients. You'll be able to forecast how much revenue you'll bring in in just a few seconds.”

Notice how this is all benefit, benefit, benefit? We broke down the specific part of the tool, which in this case is revenue forecasting.

Then we answered the question, “Why does this matter?”

So why does it matter? Well, for one, you can track sales.  You'll be able to see how much you're making month to month and then you'll be able to forecast how much revenue that you can bring in.

If we took it a step further, we could even ask, “Why does it matter that you can forecast revenue?”

For starters, knowing what your revenue is going to be for the next six months will help you make hires.

Here we would have the link set up forecasting on the dashboard. Or it can go to their blank dashboard where they can set up or see their forecasting if they have deals already in there.

Quick recap: Specific pain, a promise, and benefit, benefit, benefit.  At this point we haven’t even gotten to the tool yet!

The “benefits” are what you want them to do, because we're doing the heavy lifting on the front end, getting them excited about what they can do. Then you’ve got to move those leads forward.

There are some good emails in here

Emails for what to send to customers before their trial expires, how to get feedback from people if they don't convert, an intro email for the trial, and a bunch of other stuff you’ll need.

If you'd like a copy of all these emails, it's totally free.

Just go to aaron.krall.io/onboarding. Put in your name and email and you can get access to it.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!