Here’s Why You Haven’t Had Success with SaaS Coaches and Consultants.

SaaS Coaching

Have you ever hired a coach/consultant for your SaaS and didn’t get the results you wanted? Or maybe you feel like you wasted your money because the content was really good—but it didn’t really have an impact on your business?  I’m going to explain why this happened to you, how you can find a SaaS […]

Turning an “OK” SaaS Product into a “I Gotta Have This Now!” Product

I wanted to share this with you before I forgot! I’m working with a client right now and we’ve taken his SaaS product, which was actually pretty good, and we turned it into an incredible gotta-have-it SaaS product. I’m going to show you how we did that. His product is a mix between an education […]

How to be overwhelmed with new clients, referrals and surround yourself with amazing people

Do you want to be surrounded by influential people, the kind that lift, build and encourage you? Do you want to be so overwhelmed with referrals, clients & interview requests that you can’t handle them all? It has nothing to do with publishing a book… Cold emailing… Finding that perfect Facebook ad… Getting the design […]

It’s found in the DOING

I don’t know of any athlete who’s been successful in his/her sport of choice by just “thinking” about being good at sports… Or going to “sports” seminars… Or reading “sports” books… Or praying about “being good at sports…” All the most successful athletes I know are successful because they DO athlete stuff. They wake up […]

How to kill yourself and your business, in one easy step…

Have you heard the Legend of John Henry, the Steel-Driving Man? Natalie and I sometimes watch Disney movies on Sundays. (We’re both suckers for that kind of stuff). One lazy Sunday afternoon, we watched a Disney short film about the Legend of John Henry. Have you heard this story? If not, here’s a quick recap: […]

What did you fail at today?

“What did you fail at today?” My wife Natalie Krall and I are going to ask our future kids this question, and often. We don’t want them to be afraid of failure… Because not failing means that they aren’t making progress, moving forward or taking action. It means they aren’t trying…it means they’re playin’ it […]

The Resistance

The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel when we pursue it.” – Steven Pressman There’s a reason there aren’t more Musks, Jobs, Bezos, and Gates in the world. There’s a reason you and I struggle to do great, wonderful things. It’s all because of […]

Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?

“Am I cut out to be an entrepreneur?” I’ve asked myself that question at least 1,000 times since I started my first business… I actually remember saying to my first business partner: “I’ll never start another business again. I’m not cut out for this…” 5 years later here I am…running another business, doing some of […]

If I could send a letter to myself 20 years ago, here’s a few things I would tell myself

If I could send a letter to myself 20 years ago (knowing what I know now) this is what I would say: – You don’t have to be great at everything. While it’s good to know about a lot of things and try new things, pick a few that really make you happy and focus […]

Closing the Gap

First, watch this video: How do you feel? Do you relate with this video? If you do, then welcome to the club. I have been trying to close the gap for years. 10+ years. That’s a long time. Well, it’s taken me a long time to figure out what I want to do, how I […]

The War of Art

Nope. That’s not a typo. The war of art is the battle you will face whenever you choose to do something worthwhile. It’s the forces of the universe pushing against you, because the resistance that you face is what is going to make you stronger, and the powers that be know that. How many times […]