Here’s One Way to Get MORE Out of All the Assets You Already Have

What does a switchblade have to do with you getting more out of what you already have?


Just kidding.

 I have a switchblade and I love it.  It makes me feel like such a gangster.

 I was a Boy Scout back in the day, and it’s a good example of this, but people love being able to level up in things. Games, projects, skills, jobs, etc. We love getting better and better and seeing our skills/level/salary/etc. grow.

 People are just conditioned to move up. From what I remember (there could be different stuff now, I don’t know), I started out as a Cub, then a Webelo, and then an Eagle. There’s Order of the Arrow which is some mysterious organization that I never got to be in even though I was an Eagle Scout. I’m still kind of bitter about that now that I’m thinking about it.

Let’s pretend you have three plans: low, medium, and high. You can even have an extra level and call it something like “enterprise” or “platinum”, etc. I’m sure you’ve seen things like that.

 Most likely those plans are designed so that the more success a customer has with your product, the higher they move up in the plans.

If you don’t have an additional offer to give to your existing customers, you’re losing a lot of revenue.

Here’s what I mean by that.

 Let’s say that you’re a CRM and you have segmented your audience, so you know how many of them are in which specific industries or have specific pain sets.

An HR representative might have a different pain set than a salesperson, for instance, but they both need a CRM to keep track of it.

After you’ve segmented your audiences, you can keep track of what their desired outcome is.

In the case of salespeople, a CRM, there are documents to get more sales, right?

So, what could you offer your customers to help them get more sales, that either has to do with your CRM or doesn’t have to do with your CRM?

If you move your mindset from “I’m in the SaaS business” to “I’m in the results getting business”, you open up the possibilities to help your audience a thousand times more.

Let’s pretend you’ve got like a web development company or if your company helps web developers speed up their site, what else do web developers need to make their life easier?

What else could you offer them that could make their life easier and get them closer to their desired outcome?

Well, for instance, you could offer them a pack of 100 templates that they could use to grow their business or contracts!

There are so many different things that you can offer your existing clients that could get them close to their desired outcome that doesn’t necessarily have to do with your product.

If you can find a non-competing product that serves your same customers, you can promote it. Not necessarily the tool, per se, but you can promote a free offer or work with an affiliate.

 Find a company or product that would pair well with yours and send them an email!

“Hey, do you have anything free that you can give my audience that would help them get to their desired outcome?”

 Now you can tell your customers that you work with someone who has a free course on how to create documents for [their business needs], or whatever it is that you’ve got for them.  

As long as you’ve checked out the product and it’s really good, there’s no reason that your customers are going to get mad at you for helping them get more of their desired outcome. 

In SaaS, we have this thing where we don’t want to be the “average affiliate marketer.” He’s that guy in the basement, just sending out email after email pitching new product after new product. Don’t be that guy. 

Remember you’re in the results getting business, so if you find a product or something that can help your customer get their desired outcome faster and it’s good quality, you have an obligation to let your customers know about it.

It’s something for you to think about.

If you’re struggling with how to come up with some idea for this, drop me a message and then we’ll hop on a call and we’ll work out a plan for you. Totally free, by the way.

That’s all for today!