Part 2: How to hack your SaaS and add an extra $3k, $10k or $20k to your MRR

In Part 1 of this cool little hack (if you haven’t checked that out yet, you can read it here) I talked a little about the “customer garden” – each of your customers are in different “stages” of their customer lifecycle, and all have different “pain symptoms.” Emailing your users on a regular basis and […]

Part 1: How To Hack Your SaaS And Add An Extra $3k, $10k, $20k In Monthly Recurring Revenue To Your Biz…

If you have a list of users that aren’t paying users, chances are you are sitting on an untapped source of income that could add between $3k-$20k to your MRR (depending on your average customer value). There are three areas where this hack works splendidly: – Free Trial users that signed up for a free […]

Why email open rates are not the most important metric to evaluate your email strategy…

In my experience, while email open rates are important, they aren’t the MOST important metric when it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of a specific email or email strategy. Maybe you’ve asked yourself: “Is my email open rate any good?” “What open rate should I expect?” “Why aren’t more people opening my emails?” That’s a […]

“I’m sorry, but your logo is just terrible. You’ll never make any money with a logo like THAT…”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that as I’ve worked with clients…. …or seen terrible logos on websites that I’ve visited. …or businesses as I’ve seen while driving around. When looking for our second dog, we found a breeder who’s website was just HORRENDOUS. My immediate thought was: These guys need a […]