4 Step Formula to Writing Killer Onboarding Emails

4 step formula to writing killer onboarding emails

The process of writing good onboarding emails starts waaay before booting up Google Docs and typing out an email. There’s a simple 4 step formula I use to create an onboarding sequence that converts. If you follow it, you’ll have an onboarding journey 100x better than most SaaS companies out there. 1. Create Buckets of […]

Part 2: How to hack your SaaS and add an extra $3k, $10k or $20k to your MRR

In Part 1 of this cool little hack (if you haven’t checked that out yet, you can read it here) I talked a little about the “customer garden” – each of your customers are in different “stages” of their customer lifecycle, and all have different “pain symptoms.” Emailing your users on a regular basis and […]

Part 1: How To Hack Your SaaS And Add An Extra $3k, $10k, $20k In Monthly Recurring Revenue To Your Biz…

If you have a list of users that aren’t paying users, chances are you are sitting on an untapped source of income that could add between $3k-$20k to your MRR (depending on your average customer value). There are three areas where this hack works splendidly: – Free Trial users that signed up for a free […]

The Feedback Request Email Hack – How To Get Your Users to Respond To Your Requests for Feedback

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One of the BIGGEST challenges I see SaaS companies run into on a regular basis is not getting responses to their emails asking for feedback or thoughts on their SaaS.  The only way to really understand your customer is to talk to them. The problem is, most customers won’t respond to your email because your offer isn’t […]